‘Dada’ is a new body of collective ‘Dadaism club’ as a platform and fashion brand. ‘Dadaism Club’ which is the former body of ‘Dada’ is a collective gathered along Hyuk Oh. They have mostly been working on photography, videography. They’re planning a rebranding which is completely different from what Dadaism Club has shown so far. They will actively utilize the Korean and Asian fandom of Dadaism Club, but at the same time, they will lead it to be recognized in a completely different way.

Dada is going to present collaboration works and products created by diverse designers and artists. They’re trying to find the relevant methodology for dealing with fashion, graphic design and fine art. Their collaborators could be artists, designers, fashion brands as well. They aim a mash-up and collaboration among them in a different way which they haven’t shown.

Logo design by Radim Pesko



Commissioned project by Selam X.

Concept and web design of the website.