Who I am?

My name is Emilie Vizcano, alias Mthi. I love cinema, literature, to solve puzzles, and to write stories. I like white chocolate, vanilla coffee, crying in front of movies, and also the sound of the rain crashing on my windows. As far as I can remember, I've always been into arts, and aiming to do art as a job. Well, actually this this half true. As a kid I wanted to be a doctor, a schoolteacher and even an astronaut, but as I said earlier, I like puzzles, to solve them, but I never liked maths.

I could talk to you during hours about cinema, tv shows or manga. I know everything about Tarantino's filmography, I've seen at least 650 times Fight Club, and I know all the replicas of Les amours imaginaires.

I'm spending much of my life on netflix and making theories about The OA and Stranger Things. I'm always reading again and again and again my favorite books. Sometimes I make lists. I love lists. The usual list of things to do before dying, a list of movies to watch, a list of books, a list of countries I want to visit, things to see.

I have accounts on Nautlijon and Sens Critique to note everything. Speaking about music, I like rock, good old rock. But I also love listening music that nobody knows, 80s' songs, and girls songs that make people cry. I love to eat, and I love the night. I love to eat at night. When the night comes, I walk, and I climb to the roofs. I stay there on my own, and I think, like that.


I am always open for new collabs, so if you want to talk about movies, if you like rain, eat at night, or if you just have a project to propose, I'll be nice to meet you!